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When you need it,
it’s all that matters

Every life requires a personal type of aid. You may have a child with special needs. You may have an aging parent who relies on live-in care. Your loved one may have a need for a healing hand to soothe wounds of body or mind. Whatever your reason for choosing Platinum, we recognize that:

Care begins with being there.

There simply is no substitute for showing up, day after day. When you entrust your loved ones’ wellbeing in our hands, we invest every waking moment to earn that trust.

How we put your mind at ease

Best intentions

Platinum Home Health Care has been in the
business of compassion since 1993. In nearly 30
years, we’ve always worked to find new ways
to deliver 100% case coverage.

Best technologies

We see innovation as a tool to do better.
Over the past decade, our push into the
latest digital systems helped improve our
quality of care at every aide and patient

Best care team

Simply put, the nation’s best caregivers care here.
Our team represents one of the largest, most celebrated
networks of Registered Nurses, Home Health Aides, and
Personal Care Aides. And our fantastic office team is
ready and willing to help you with anything you need—
from intake and compliance, to coordination and payroll.

Tech Spotlight:

Platinum is one of the first major homecare agencies to integrate the MedFlyt platform into our core care model. Allocating cases to our network happens in seconds, and aides can accept the case or update their availability in real time. The result? Aides get the cases they are most passionate about, clients never lose care because an aide travels or is unwell, and we get to staff and deliver 60 minutes for every hour of care.

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aide signup, background
checking and onboarding


case review and network


caseload by geography
and preference

Why does size

when all you need
is one aide?

The goal of home care has always been to improve patients’ lives. Whether through traditional home care or the CDPA program, we work every day to provide the quality and value that our patients, consumers and their families deserve.

Platinum was built on the strongest and most reliable care platform, with a singular focus on our clients and their needs. We strive to deliver the quality care families want for their loved ones.

Platinum is proud of its employees and its organization. We treat our client the way we want our family members to be treated. We are ready to deliver efficient, quality care where, when and how it's needed.

In this line of work,
more is better.

A family member’s love is limitless, but their free time isn’t. You need a team that can care for as long as it’s needed.

There is nothing
small about care.

When you want something done right, you hire the big guys. Platinum is big on care and big on reliability.

It’s personal, but also
bigger than that.

While Mom and Pop are our heart and soul, we are not a mom and pop shop. Platinum is the well-oiled care machine your loved ones deserve.

We changed care
so it can change your life

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